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A track record that speaks for itself

Born and raised on the sunlit coasts of Florida, John Simons masterfully navigates both luxury and accessible beachfront properties. His deep-rooted connection to the region positions him as the prime expert for those wishing to immerse themselves in Florida's coveted coastal living.

But with John, you get far more than a property expert. His lifetime spent among the local communities provides an unmatched knowledge of the finest beach events, leading businesses, and the best-kept secrets that only a true local can share. Beyond guiding you to your ideal beachfront home, John ensures your transition into the community is smooth and enriching. Recognizing the value of social connections, he adeptly introduces his clients to circles and activities that match their passions, ensuring they not only reside by the beach but truly integrate into the pulsating heart of Florida's beach culture.

With John Simons, purchasing a beachfront property is just the beginning; you're also inheriting a genuine local experience and a steadfast companion.

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Spanish (Latin America) Spanish (Spain) French (France) Portuguese (Portugal)

Seniors Real Estate Specialist / SRES
Accredited Seller Representative / ASR
Certified Residential Specialist / CRS
Certified Relocation Professional / CRP