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Xomio Terms of Use

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The property listings shown on this website were provided by third parties, including one or more MLS organizations, real estate organizations, real estate brands, real estate publishers or listings aggregators, and other third parties. For this and other reasons, the quality and accuracy of the listings data and information cannot be known.

Property Listings and Other Translations: Translations are handled in the database and by other technology means. Therefore it cannot be guaranteed and it is not represented that any translations are accurate or correct. Because the underlying property listing information comes from third parties, it is not known if that information is correct, and this will additionally impact the translation of such information.

Always independently verify any information about any property seen online, or printed or shared from this or any other website.

As a consumer, you should always verify by independent means, any information that is important to you.

Before purchasing any property, you should have a professional and independent inspection.

You should receive independent legal advice before entering into any contract or paying money to purchase or rent any property.

As a consumer, you should never send money to anyone purporting to offer a property for sale or for rent without independent verification.

Currency Conversion Disclaimer

For the convenience of our users, our website offers an automated currency conversion feature that allows prices to be displayed in a range of currencies of your choice. Please note the following important information regarding this feature:

  1. Automated Conversion: When you select a currency other than the local currency (legal tender in the property's location), the prices displayed are automatically converted using a third-party provider. This conversion is subject to rounding.
  2. Accuracy of Conversion: We make no guarantees as to the accuracy of the currency conversion. The converted prices are provided for informational and comparative purposes only.
  3. Non-Binding Information: The prices shown in any currency other than the local currency do not constitute an offer for sale or any other type of transaction in the displayed currency. They are merely provided to assist consumers in comparing property prices.
  4. Consumer Responsibility: It is the responsibility of consumers to be aware of all terms of sale and available purchasing options, including applicable and acceptable currencies, for any given property transaction. Please ensure you verify the exact price and terms in the local currency before proceeding with any transactions.
  5. Not a party: The website owner is not a party to any negotiations or transactions arising from any usage of this site.

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